Liam Kennedy is a photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Nashville, TN. He began his career as a photographer when he joined the United States Navy in 2012 and discovered his passion for photojournalism after documenting the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and Hurricanes Maria (Puerto Rico) and Irma (Virgin Islands). 

Kennedy pursued a career in photojournalism after leaving the service in 2020 and since then has documented the tornado that ravaged Mayfield, Kentucky, Black Lives Matter Protests, the water crisis in Jackson, Miss. and most recently the war in Ukraine. He has also documented the modern-day biker over the course of the last eight years. 

In 2022, he joined the Gannett team to cover local news in Tennessee covering blue collar workers, veteran issues, and population growth. In addition to his full time role with the USA Today Network, Kennedy’s work has been featured in reputable publications, including Mother Jones, PhotoEvidence, USA Today, Bloomberg, CNN, Getty, Radio Free Europe, BBC, and ABC World News Tonight.

Driven by a profound understanding of the power of visual storytelling, Liam remains committed to capturing the essence of each moment and conveying the untold stories that unfold before his lens with a genuine passion for photojournalism and gratitude for the privilege of documenting the world around him.

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