See You In the Pit

“The Pit” is the craziest place you could venture into during a hardcore/metal show. With flailing teenage and adult bodies alike strewn about, violently kicking, waving, spinning and solo stepping; you’re bound to catch a few to the face, torso and legs.

I found myself in the middle of said pit and decided to create photos
that showed friction. Photos that showed the emotions from daily life
poured out and worn on sleeves as if to detox their bodies from the
harsh reality of day to day life.

These aren’t bad, miserable, or
even angry people. They are businessmen, college students, bar tenders,
ect… all looking for a healthy release of stress. They are there in
unity, they knock each other down, pick each other up all in order to
remind themselves that they too are human and that they are no better
then themselves.

At the end of the night there are zero hard feelings. Everything was left in the pit and left there for a reason. The smiles, stench and cheers echo throughout the hall and will be for the next few nights. For some this was there first show and it sure won’t be their last.

G&G Chili Cookoff

Rolling up to G&G Cycles you could smell the chili and gasoline wafting in the air on a chilly November day.

The classics were out in force to win the trophy for best car shown. Probably the most unique feature I saw was the bloody fish in lieu of a traditional hood ornament.

Inside the bar area of G&G, beers on tap were served, laughs were had and good ol’ acoustic country songs were played. $5 got you a full beer, a shot and quite possibly a laugh from Mr. Cody Dunn himself, the best one-handed bartender in all of Atlanta.

After  a few hours the trophys were handed out for best classic car, chopper and chili. No one expected the man who won for chili to drink out of his grimy challis but it couldn’t have been a more fitting victory celebration.

But of course the best parts of these events are the family and the new friends that you make. Thanks for the good times guys! Until next time!

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