Cory Manning

Engine & Frame

"You Should Leave"


"The cops are 


I wasn't sure why the cops were coming, but I was sure they were coming for me. I also knew I had $1,800 in cash, a gram of heroin and a loaded handgun.

"I should leave."

I got in my car and made it a block before half of the Richmond police department was behind me with their blues blazing. I pulled the car over and they yelled orders. I opened the door from the outside, through the window, like one of those cop shows.

I got out of the car with my hands in the air. Thirteen cops had their guns pointed at your boy and they were all yelling, the kind of yelling where you can only understand the cuss words.

"Man these dudes are pissed."

I didn't know what they were after or why, but I didn't want them to find anything illegal.  I was told to walk backwards with my hands in the air. When they got to me they slammed me on the street, busted my head open and put me in cuffs. 

Sitting on the curb, a younger cop and I shot the shit. I was bleeding from my head. I cracked some jokes and the officers ripped my car apart. They pulled out the center console, they tore apart the trunk and the glove box. 

I didn't see what the big fucking deal was or that my life would never be the same again.

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